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I read a great Techrunch post just over a week ago.

Semil Shah highlights how the WhatsApp story challenges some of the Valley’s conventional wisdom e.g.:

  • Yahoo doesn’t have talent
  • The best founders are young
  • Mobile products should be beautiful/delightful
  • Personal branding is important
  • Don’t worry about making money. Grow big

Now, you can argue that there are many more cases supporting that specific set of conventional wisdoms, or that there are many more conventional wisdoms that weren’t challenged by the acquisition.

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Do Australian startups think too small? – Some Context.

There’s been a bit of press around the recently released “Silicon Beach Building momentum – A study of the Australian Startup Ecosystem” report.

While I think the authors have done an amazing job of collating the data, I don’t think the local press has grasped the content that well (Fairfax even managed to feature comments from a founder of a non-tech startup) so here’s my 2c.

Do Australian startups think too small? The answer is generally “yes” but there’s some context missing that is essential for understanding that answer.

Let’s look at a key part of the report:

“The data indicates that as a startup ecosystem grows,
the appetite for risk also increases. For example, from their bases in larger ecosystems, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs tackle new markets 15% more often than Australian entrepreneurs, while New York entrepreneurs pursue new markets 12% more often.

In contrast, Australian entrepreneurs are not as ambitious and tend to tackle much smaller markets. Australian entrepreneurs tackle niche markets 14% more often than entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and 10% more often than New York entrepreneurs.”

Let’s dissect this a bit.

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