Planting Trees Yesterday.

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday. She’s an awesome woman who is world class in her field, which is always inspiring.

Yesterday, however, it was her birthday that inspired me to think. Her birthday, all birthdays, new years days and all of the other catalytic calendar events that come into our lives.

There’s an old saying that goes something like “the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best is today”. Yet we often wait for these catalytic events to spur us into action rather than just getting started on the path when whatever change we’d like to make first strikes our minds.

Of course, positive change at any time is a good thing and I completely understand that people often need special dates to compel them to move out of the routines that they’ve created for themselves. I’m no different in that sense. Though I hope to be better at planting trees yesterday in future.

One of the changes I’d like to make for 2014 is to produce at least 100 words per week day for this blog. This is the first in those efforts. Hopefully, after some time, the mere process of starting and producing 100 words+ habitually, irrespective of concern for perfection, will produce both better thinking and a record of thought, particularly as 25Fifteen comes to life.


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