Clarifications on the recent PushStart announcement

We made an announcement about the new direction of PushStart yesterday.

It was a long-ish post so I don’t blame people for not reading it all – but from the responses I’ve had there are some things that need clarifying.

  1. PushStart has not shut down. Only the accelerator has.
  2. We are not abandoning the existing teams. The organisation (a seperate PushStart entity) that ran the fund and the program still has obligations to the teams and investors and, as one of those investors, I certainly want to continue helping the PS12 class succeed.

  3. I am not leaving PushStart. I will still be involved in the same way I’m involved with the various meetups / co-working space etc. i.e. as something that I’m passionate about outside of my main working gig.

  4. This is not a sad or bad thing. There’s a natural beginning and end for all things in life. This was the natural end for the PushStart accelerator program. With the support we had we could have continued to run more programs for a long time to come but for a variety of reasons we made the decision not to. No doubt it will leave a hole for a short period of time but I’m confident that if there is genuine demand for more accelerators in Sydney that others will appear.

  5. I will be speaking about my new project very soon. It will be awesome but we need to nut out the final details before announcing so please stop asking me what it is 🙂

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