A letter from Ireland.

Check out this email (text below) one of our PS12 teams got from the Irish Government today.

For the whole PS12 program we had exactly zero NSW or Commonwealth Department reps visit or reach out directly to any of our teams.

A perfect example of the difference between those governments that get the importance of tech entrepreneurship to their economy and those that don’t.



My name is <Name Deleted> and I am the lead person in Ireland’s development agency, Enterprise Ireland, with responsibility for funding International startups.

I am writing to congratulate you on your success with Pushstart, and to invite you to consider Ireland as the ideal location for your startup.

Enterprise Ireland has a comprehensive range of supports in place for entrepreneurs interested in locating in Ireland. These include funding, tax incentives, mentoring programmes, a host of venture capital and accelerator programmes and hands on help gaining customers in international markets. You may not be aware that Ireland is not only the preferred location for software development companies such as Microsoft and IBM, but also hosts a number of Europe’s top accelerator programs and has one of the highest rates of available venture capital per person in the region.

Through our international network of 35 offices, we support (www.startinireland.com) companies in every aspect of developing an international business and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these supports. Please feel free to email me  to arrange a conference call .

Again, well done on your success to date. We look forward to hearing from you soon and potentially becoming part of the next phase of your success story.

Kind regards

<Name Deleted>

Enterprise Ireland

The Plaza

East Point Business Park


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